Welcome to the Louisiana Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers - New Orleans

The ASCE New Orleans Branch website and email services are temporarily down.

We are in the works of developing a new website.
In the meantime, please visit our ASCE Louisiana Section website at www.lasce.org to keep up with local calendar events and updates.

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Upcoming Luncheon Calendar

Date Speaker Venue Theme
14-Oct-14 Billy Nungesser 5 Happiness State of Hurricane Protection
11-Nov-14 Bob Breck 5 Happiness Weather Related affects to Southeast Louisiana
9-Dec-14 John Williams 5 Happiness Renovation of Brennan's
1-Jan-15 Charlotte Batson5 Happiness Fracking-Helis Oil in St. Tammany Parish
15-Feb E-Week (no luncheon) Zoo/Fire Boat Cruise Volunteer/Port Authority Tour
10-Mar-15 Norma Jean Mattei 5 Happiness Ethics The Good Engineer: Ethics and Sustainability
14-Apr-15 Clint Wilson 5 Happiness Water Institute
12-May-15 WWII Volunteer 5 Happiness Engineer's Role on D-Day
June-15 Summer Break
14-Jul-15 ASCE- Awards Lunch (ballot for new officers announcement)
Aug-15 Summer Break
Sep-15 Fall Conference 2015